Welcome to the University of Inspire

What is the University of Inspire?

The University of Inspire is a communications training program that offers a variety of courses that are practical and applicable in everyday life.

We focus on helping our students understand themselves from a personal and professional perspective.

This is a platform like no other, Dr. John Neal Jr. and staff are using principles that have been proven over the last decade at all levels of education and real life. 

Why the University of Inspire?

You get straightforward information that is applicable in every aspect of your life, it teaches you how to improve your vocabulary and relationships.

The University of Inspire will keep you engaged and focused on your goals and aspirations. We offer an opportunity for you to expand your emotional intelligence while increasing your network.

In addition to this high level of learning, this program is affordable. We offer the best of both worlds.

Meet Dr. John Neal Jr.

John has motivated and inspired people in many communities.

His story has been encouraging to others and offers an insight into overcoming adversity.

He has motivated thousands of students in classrooms, on college campuses, sports teams, workshops, and youth correctional facilities. He has spoken to prison inmates and at charity events.

He is committed to reaching millions of people around the world to show them through proven principles on how to succeed and overcome obstacles. 

"I Believe In You"

What You Get From

The University of Inspire

✔️Complementary learning style quiz 

✔️Video lessons

✔️PowerPoint presentations

✔️Informational Worksheets

✔️Audio Files

✔️Once a week zoom meeting with Dr. John Neal Jr.

✔️Certificate of Completion

All of this value, enrollments at $97

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