Dr. John Neal Jr. - Full Biography

John has motivated and inspired people in many communities. His story has been encouraging to others and offers an

insight into overcoming adversity. He has motivated thousands of students in classrooms, on college campuses, sports

teams, workshops, and youth correctional facilities. He has spoken to prison inmates and at charity events. He is

committed to reaching millions of people around the world to show them through proven principles on how to succeed

and overcome obstacles.

John believes that everybody should be given an opportunity to succeed but is a firm believer that it takes work and

perseverance. When challenges come about you have to figure out a way to overcome them. John went from being

homeless to a Doctor, published author, and educator. With 6 years’ experience teaching at the University and

Community College level, John is qualified to teach you the key principles of communicating. 

Dr. John Neal Jr. Ed.D. got his start teaching educational workshops in 2009. Today, he is a published author and is 

known as one of the most inspirational speakers by his audiences. His dissertation titled “Perception of Community 

College Support and Student Academic Career Success “ focuses on the perception of academic achievement and 

success as it relates to students, faculty, and support staff. His studies have inspired and motivated him to create a 

platform that would enhance an individual's ability to learn and to communicate effectively.

John earned his Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership and Development at Grand Canyon University. He has 

earned his Master of Science Degree in Conflict Resolution and a Bachelor of Science in Arts and Letters with a Minor in 

Black Studies from Portland State University. John’s diverse educational background has been instrumental in his efforts 

to improve the lives of students and others.